5 Bust-out ways to Target Traffic

5 “Bust out” ways to Target Traffic

In this video from Marc Joffe at massmediamarketing.ca he talks about the Top 5 ways to convert more paid search traffic and make your pay per click (PPC) ex. “Google Adwords” campaigns to convert. You want to make money — or make even more money on the Internet — but just don’t have the time to find that “sweet” conversion spot. To help you out, I’ve listed the 5 “Bust out” ways to Target Traffic. These are some of the best ways to spend your time and money online and maximize every visit to your site.

These top 5 elements should be in place before you start to drive traffic to your website. Yes, before you drive your traffic. Save your budget and your boss’ money on wasted online marketing strategies that don’t convert. They’ll thank you for it.

    1) Pay Per Click – “The Dreaded money sinkhole”

    A Google Adwords campaign (pay per click or PPC) is great at delivering traffic, but your website copy or landing page should be optimized to complement the Adwords ad. Anyone can open a Google Adwords account, but if your ad sends traffic to your home page that is not optimized for conversion or a logical lead-in from your ad, you won’t get the sales results you want. See point 2…

    2) Landing Page Optimization – “Just Be Relevant”

    A landing page is a page on your site where people go after clicking your ad. The more relevant the landing page is to the ad, the greater potential for it to be displayed high on Google search results, and the more relevant it is to users who were interested enough to click your ad. A landing page should have the same look and feel as your PPC ad and feature a clear Call to Action that tells them what to do: order a product, call for a quote, etc.

    3) Make it “Easy Peasy” to buy

    Make it easy for people to buy from you by listing a phone number in text format (super easy peasy for mobile users to access one-click calling) on every page. List testimonials near any sign-up forms to build trust. And have industry memberships, awards or associations listed on your page (think, footer) for added credibility.

    4) Hire a Copywriter aka old school “Wordsmith”

    A professional copywriter or “Wordsmith” (word to the wise, they hate to be called wordsmiths…), makes your site be easily understood and readable for your target market. Copywriters have the skills to focus on your features and make the best impression of your business. Yes, It’s an extra expense but well worth it when the phone rings with leads.

    5) A Picture is worth a thousand words

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture with a relevant message is worth even more. Professional stock images and headlines and content that complement each other will leave a consistent message. This is especially true for building a world class website that is visually appealing and a conversion/lead generating dynamo. This alone will distinguish you from your competitors.

    With all these elements in place your website will be in the best position to convert traffic that you bring to your website.

    What do you think?

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