Advertising Operations Best Practices 2015

Publisher Series: Ad Ops Display Advertising best practices 2015

(includes RTB!)

In this vlog Marc Joffe talks about how you can empower AdOps to get your ad deal off to the right start. Even with the publisher interest top of mind, it can be very easy for the Sales team best intentions to get lost with an inexperienced adops team. After the IO is approved and passed to the AdOps department make sure your team has these processes in place.

    Passbacks / Defaults

    (default) ad tags

Make sure they fill 100% or if they aren’t – give them passbacks. I can’t tell you how many media buys blow this entirely and end up with such a limited amount of daily impressions that the whole partnership never gets off the ground. And frequency capping is fine, yes, if it’s premium and there’s an fabulous cpm… otherwise it’s a waste of time for both parties.

    Domain / Ad Blocks

Have ad and domain blocking filters in place first. Make sure that auto sound, download now and blocklist categories are already set up in your ad partners RTB system. Those stupid download now, ads just scare people away from your site and increase bounce rate.

    Check The Delivery

Check the delivery numbers after the first couple of days. Reconcile any discrepancies at the start. You don’t want any surprises 10 days in when 75 % of your inventory has gone unfilled of lost in a void and unmonetized. This Is your responsibility, even if you didn’t bring the demand in and it was Sales Department.

    Flexible Ad Slots

Some ad sizes can run in more than one placements. Flexible ad spaces lead to an increase in potential ad revenue. For example if in your website layout allows different sizes but similar ads in the same placement then enable this feature in the RTB setting with your ad partner. If a 200×250 and 300×250 can run in the same ad slot.. then be sure to open it up to demand for both ad formats and increase changes of both ads being delivered and monetized.

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