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My name is Marc Joffe and I live in Amsterdam, Niederlande. I like to refer to Online Advertising as “the space around the content”. As an online publisher advocate, my priority is making the most out of clients, Netzwerk oder Verlage Werbefläche und Sicherung von qualitativ hochwertigen Traffic und Premium-CPM Raten. I’m involved in the monetization of high traffic web sites and networks with premium web advertising space and complicated ad stacks, as well as negotiation with competing ad partners on a global level. As an online publisher advocate, and the supply side, I’m concerned with creating demand and managing online advertising space.

Video Blogging Display Advertising Amsterdam

Video Blogging Display Advertising Amsterdam
Video Blogging Display Advertising

If you have some interest check out my video blog on Mass Media Marketing for more video discussions on display advertising and partner management in the online advertising industry. Thoughts on display advertising operations and online advertising including; ad trafficking, ad servers, ad exchanges, yield optimization; partner management. Making sense of an ever changing display advertising industry. DSP, SSP, RTB, CPM, CPC and other acronyms are used.

On my Google Page “Playfair Online Media”, or youTube video channel, I’ve created an informal six part video series on online advertising and display advertising called “Der Raum um den Inhalt” from Marc Joffe in Amsterdam. Basically my thoughts on display advertising operations, ad trafficking, ad servers and earning online advertising revenue. Really helping to make sense of an ever changing and growing ad industry. Some acronyms like DSP, SSP, RTB, CPM, CPC and Rev Share are discussed. Views are my own.

Display Advertising Vlog: Preferred Video Order

Display-Werbung 101

1) Online Advertising Amsterdam “Der Raum um den Inhalt (9:56)
“… After a number of years and since the crash of 2008, there’s been a lot of talk about the increase in online advertising and ad spend (media buying on the web) compared to traditional places like, TV, radio or the newspaper. I can tell you that since being involved in online advertising starting in Canada in 2006, through to London, United Kingdom 2008 and now in Amsterdam since 2012, it’s just growing and getting more sophisticated in its capabilities…”


Ad Partner Management

2) Strategic Partner Management in Online Advertising Industry (10:47)
“… In online advertising industry everyone is connected somehow to someone and has potential business to do together. The media buyers from one agency may have moved to another and now have new business to bring. ex “Marc you may remember me we did business last year through “ABC” company and “We have clients that would be a great fit for your sites and traffic.” It’s all good…”


High Traffic Publishers

3) Geschäftsführer Hauptverkehr Herausgeber Werbung Stacks (12:06)
“… If you’re a small online publisher you may have one or a couple of verticals, and a sole advertiser that you derive revenue from – probably Adsense so you don’t need an online ad operations department. With a limited ad stack of a couple of advertising partners advertising revenue can still add up but there’s not much juggling you have to do…”


Yield Management

4) Advertising Inventory Management “We Are A 100% Füllen Sie Partner” (9:16)
“… Wir sind ein 100% Fill Partner”. As a high traffic publisher you may have heard this before and thought what a great opportunity. But there may some other considerations. Sometimes a high CPM isn’t the best thing… if they only fill 10% of all the inventory that they see. So let’s take a close look at that if they get a look at 1,000,000 impressions a day then that’s 100,000 ad impressions that they fill…”


Malware Prevention

5) Malware Prevention in Display-Werbung (9:01)
“… With billions of monthly impressions to manage and a complicated ad stack and advertisers priorities… eventually it becomes too much for the traffic team or ad ops to monitor adware/malware – so an option is to hire a partner company that monitors ad tags and sends alerts…”



6) Monetarisierung Partner Management im Display Advertising (10:15)
“… After all the inventory has been set up and ready to be sold there’s many ways to maximize your precious ad space. Considerations like: market rates based on similar publishers, (verticals, industry) and global location, or aka geos…”


Programmatic Trading (RTB)

7) Programmatic Trading from a Publisher’s Perspective (7:52)
“… additionally partnering with some of the (what was then in 2012) up and coming programmatic rich media players and plugged into other EU RTB networks, that the cooperation between these two sides of the fence was a win-win. Most definitely. And with the recent announcement of “Pangaea”the Guardians publishers alliance of combining their programmatic inventory – EU publishers are creating co ops faster than US counterparts.


Views are my own, and thanks for watching and contributing.

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Need the advantage of an ad ops team leader or ad partner manager? My name is Marc Joffe and I can help manage your display inventory or create new demand for your advertising space. As a Publisher Advocate that’s what I love to do. I work from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and make a great Dutch “toastie.” @adopsonline. I vlog about display, seo and marketing. Subscribe to my new youTube channel

Online Advertising is the space around the content”- Marc Joffe, Amsterdam, Niederlande, Februar 2015

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