Spend in Display Advertising

Trading desks: Both Sides

(Demand side talk!)

Reading about Trading desks and talking with someone in the industry recently about how to make the most impact with a 5MM EUR spend… got me thinking about a number of things to consider when considering display advertising spend.

Spend in Display Advertising

When using DSP it’s important to know where your ad dollars are being spent. You’d be surprised how easy it is for your brand to end up on viral like or non-premium type sites and just wasting part of your budget. If you’re using external partners to tactically manage, but the strategy remains in-house, then there’s the possibility for the plan to slip. Trade Desks have the experience and reach and cost at scale to reach most of your audience.

Cleaning house. Too much work

But when the trade desk is brought in-house, this function can better be aligned with Search, Social, and other parts of the larger marketing function quickly. One nuance of this whole buy side is that some DSP’s are better for EU reach, and other for US inventory. And others have more premium inventory once you’re plugged into them. (I’d like to hear what you think?)

Retargeting Partners & Considerations

To get your message out there use retargeting partners like Criteo; or the retargeting capabilities on the GDN (Google Display Network) using DoubleClick Bid Manager. The knowledge of how to connect to premium inventory at scale is being brought inside the larger corporations. They have skills in marketing, communication, Search and Social – but the new programmatic nature of increasing spend is a mystery to them, and they rely on agency partners for this function. (I’d like to hear what you think?)

Data Crunchers ownership

If your company has a large amount of data available and an in-house DMP (data management platform), then bringing the buying inside may be an option. And for these larger corporations it makes sense to bring programmatic in-house (eventually) if they have their own data. One size fit all approach may not be best for your company like the Netflix model.“Client-side traders are operating in proximity and off a single budget.”

Publisher Relationships

I’m Marc Joffe video blogger about Display Advertising. Until next time from Amsterdam

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