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Display Advertising and Premium Advertising Space

As a high traffic publisher or growing publisher your ad inventory .. your precious ad inventory has real value to ad partners, so its’ a good idea to know what you offer potential advertisers and to their clients.

With the buy side having all the latest and greatest technologies and buying programmatically on the networks, it can be difficult to maintain premium ad rates. And with so much ad inventory being dropped into ad exchanges there’s little interaction or need for anyone to call your sales team. Buyers just take a look what you offer and then start a campaign. That can be a good thing too – but for this blog post we’re talking premium ad inventory.

Take Back The Night

On the other hand, if there’s a fit with the advertiser and the traffic along with no competition – then there’s a potential for premium ad rates. The Sales team should be able to pitch potential advertisers on the reasons that they would want to pay premium – and do it with more that a case of scotch. This inventory is usually sold on a “First Look” or on a private ad exchange that the publisher has more control over the pricing. They have more control because of the sites unique content and people stay on the site longer and go deeper into the pages. Basically users stick around longer and the ads are relevant so there’s more of a chance for a click and conversion or some other metric to happen. These publishers know their audience and how to maintain quality traffic and compelling content that their users can’t find anywhere else… all these endeavours are very expensive to the publisher. So they can justify premium ad display rate. Yahoo!

Ad ops tip 1: Make sure if you work with remnant partners too to that they can’t bid on the premium inventory so it’s left to the premium partner to fill.. like managing a “block list” at the ad exchange, or at least that the premium buy is so high a CPM or rate that they (premium partner) get’s “first crack” at impressions or all users and visitors.

Sponsorships, Roadblocks, Advertorials

So you have interest, generated interest and demand. These types of ad partnerships (Sponsorships, Roadblocks & Advertorials) can be very good and if you’re a premium Publisher. Ad ops (at the minimum and lack of a package that does this for them) needs to have a calendar that lists all the upcoming sponsorships or these special deals so that everyone can make sure they go smoothly. These could be $20,000 a day (at the low end) so it’s best to make sure the inventory is there to be filled, and any technical problems have been solved – before it (ex. sponsorship) goes live. For those of us that have worked in Ad Ops for a while we all have our horror stories when things go wrong.. right on the day of the roadblock and lessons learnt – never again.. can we say test server. If you’re thinking that’s the Sales Team’s problem and other past the buck excuses you’re a “fulfillment” type in ad ops then you can just skip over this part – and get fired.


As the media buyers get more creative with their targeting you’ll come in contact with these acronyms. And thats a good thing because there’s a good chance it means there’s good traffic to be had. Here’s hat they mean: (TF) Above the Fold – (BTF) Below The Fold – (STF) Spans the Fold.. these are all terms used when targeting display inventory on a publisher website. There’s more demand for ATF and STF. BTF inventory is not usually seen at all by anyone (or so they say) so it’s usually remnant inventory.. or inventory that’s bought in bulk on the ad exchange.

Contextual and Retargeting Advertising

There’s also contextual ads that display ads on top of the the page’s text content and can earn a lot of ad revenue – not a good idea for the whole site or network for the premium publisher. Then there’s retargeting partners that really have fabulous technology and can be a great way to earn additional revenue. These are ads that interest users which are displayed based on their surfing habits… think of the ads that follow you around the web, yes it’s annoying but not really if you consider that ad could be the old “Punch the Monkey ” o “Shoot The Zombie” ad without any daily cap at 10/24.

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