Follow me – Who are you again?

Follow me – Who are you again?

The simplest message is the one that people understand. This principle applies in social media too.

The more people who follow you the more reach you have, but if you are posting many different messages, they can become diluted and have less impact even though you have many followers. And the less conversations and real connections you make.

For social media success, it’s all about creating a clear communication strategy. You should have an initial start-up strategy, a medium plan and a long term goal with messaging that fits each stage.  As your company matures in its use of social media for leads and sales it will become apparent what stage you’re in and how to respond.

Where is everyone?

For the first couple of months companies new to Twitter and Facebook (and without a strategy and guidance) often reach out to anyone and everyone asking to join them. They try to promote their Facebook page with daily specials and post interesting content to no avail.

Nobody leaves a comment, nobody enters their contests and the whole thing gets dropped. They just don’t have the reach, or the number of followers that could sustain the interest or promotions.

Manifest destiny; go forth & connect

Like the “Manifest Destiny” of our early American neighbours, take charge and find as many people who will listen. Go forth and gather fans and followers. When you reach 1,000 followers celebrate by congratulating yourself. At some point (as in the example above) if you have nothing to say, nobody will be listening anyway.

Here’s the thing. Extending your reach is great and all, but without the proper audience and wrong message, your effort will be wasted. A company with 100 followers can have more “Klout” and engagement than one with 1,000 fans.

It’s really a trade off between extending your reach and spreading the right message. You should always focus on improving your message to  (see previous blog article “How not to be a windbag: 5 tips to be an awesome social networker“) to learn how-to make your social media presence “sticky.”

Early Adopters, Perfect Your Timing

Timing also plays a part in social media success and early adopters usually fit this into their marketing mix. For those who get in early and test their process, and develop a system that works for them,  results will lead to increased revenue and lead generation. This social media maturity comes with trial and error and is best done at the start or the curve.

Like the bigger a party, the harder it is to remember everyone’s name. By the nature of social media, the more online followers you have, the more your messaging will be generic and less engaged.

Keep this in mind when planning your social media strategy and you’ll have a consistent message that will be noticed throughout every stage in building your presence. How’s that? Let us know by sharing this post.

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