Nous sommes une 100% Remplissez Partenaire

Display Advertising Inventory Management

“Nous sommes une 100% Remplissez Partenaire”. As a high traffic publisher you may have heard this before and thought what a great opportunity. But there may some other considerations. Sometimes a high CPM isn’t the best thing… if they only fill 10% of all the inventory that they see.

So let’s take a close look at that if they get a look at 1,000,000 impressions a day then that’s 100,000 ad impressions that they fill… where’s the other 900,000 that’s been passed over go? Good question and if your online advertising (ad ops team) isn’t on top of this then there’s a lot of revenue being unearned and “left on the table” .. really a criminal shame. Think about getting a Advertising operations team leader that’s commercially minded to keep the Ad Ops team at the top of their game and inline with the larger business goals – realization of advertising revenue.

A Consistent Transparent Advertising Partner

A consistent Ad Partner that is transparent and wants to make the buy work is someone that has a track history of success and long term business in mind. Best for them and you. Always best to be clear and transparent on what your inventory offers to potential ad partner, and in turn the campaign will meet expectations a lot easier.

There’s more advertising revenue to be earned by a consistent ad partner that at least is upfront and says we’ll fill “x” amount of your inventory at this CPM or we’ll fill 100% and whoops not even close. In all fairness sometimes they don’t know how much they can fill and are in the dark too.

The Fill Rate – Latency

The fact that the ad calls all happen in a microsecond doesn’t matter when you have hundreds of ad calls and the that results in slower page loading times the more ad partners are passed on and on to – because they don’t have a suitable ad to display. Web users leave, they leave when the page loads slowly.. gone. This is when the technical department works their magic wrt server load times and latency. The tech team are indispensable, but not part of this blog post. Nod to them!

A Publisher Advocate

A online publisher advocate (OPA) is about empowering the publisher with ways to best manage, sell and earn ad revenue from their precious ad space. Publisher advocates are involved with a focus on advertising inventory management best practices, Advertising partner negotiation (must be commercially minded) and account relationship building skills. And some fabulous chin wagging too!

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