Qualify New Ad Partners: Haut 5 Questions

Série Editeur: Haut 5 Questions to Qualify New Advertising Partners in 2015

(Dans 5 minutes or less)

In this short video Marc Joffe explains how in 5 minutes (ou 5 lines in an email), quickly qualify new ad partners and bring in new sources of ad revenue. Whether you’re involved in the Display Advertising industry in Amsterdam, The Netherlands or globally, qualifying demand for new display advertising partnerships can be an easy process for both parties. If you follow these 5 questions, as a publisher you’ll immediately get the answers you need, and off to a fabulous business relationship. Qualified right at the start!

These are the typical business development questions that need to be answered first. Ask these key questions either on first contact by email or phone.

Qualify New Advertising Ad Partners: Haut 5 Questions

  1. What are the CPM rates we can expect that other similar publishers are getting?
  2. What type of volumes can you fill on a daily basis.
  3. If they’re not 100% fill partner, then do they accept passbacks (defaults)?
  4. What geo’s do you have demand for now and in the future?
  5. What are the payment terms? (ex. Net 30,60,90)
  6. Do we have login access? (Reconcile, match delivery)

It’s traditionally the sales team job to sell but increasingly commercially minded ad ops people are creating new demand and plugging in RTB sources. Make sure they have they have the answers to these questions too and you’ll have a lucrative relationship with ad partners.

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