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The Online Advertising Ecosystem

In online advertising industry everyone is connected somehow to someone and has potential business to do together. The media buyers from one agency may have moved to another and now have new business to bring. ex “Marc you may remember me we did business last year through “ABC” company and “We have clients that would be a great fit for your sites and traffic.” It’s all good. Working in advertising operations there’s a lot of interaction with team members of various positions from other ad partners and on a global scale. Ad ops people touch all levels from Media Buyers, Account Managers, Heads of Publisher Development, Business Development types and Sales teams. The longer you work in display advertising the more familiar you become with the online advertising industry and this strong background becomes an asset when managing ad partner interactions.

LinkedIn Partner Bonanza

A lot of business is still to be found at the right trade events and f2f networking but also a readily available list of global business can be found by prospecting on LinkedIn. It’s important to have a well rounded LinkedIn profile and remain active and visible. Look for “Business Venture” in your LinkedIn Inmails and you’ll see how to connect and the potential. I look forward to connecting with other like minded advertising professional so feel free to connect with Marc Joffe on LinkedIn.

Bringing New Demand To The Table

As mentioned in a previous blog post about the evolution of online advertising, in the old days Salespeople sold advertising space and Ad Ops just implemented… right from the Insertion Order (IO’s) and then went back to editing custom ad tags, Rich Media and other coding issues. And this still goes on and is a necessary function in larger organizations and also outsourced offshore (better yet closer to home). Ad Ops has such an intricate knowledge of how to earn ad revenue that a natural progression (for some) is too become more involved in demand generation or prospecting and either searching out brand new ad partners or knowing how to increase an existing ad partners ad spend so that it makes sense to both parties. And it can work very well. This is the area where a deep understanding of the ad inventory and ability to reach out to ad partners and find a good fit is a strategic advantage to the company. Along the way skills develop in managing strategic partnerships. This has been supported by many notable promotions in the industry of veteran ad ops people to strategic positions within their organizations. In effect taking their game to the next level.

Earn More Advertising Revenue

When a particular media buy or ad campaign works well on a network it can work very well and consistently earn ad dollars for the publisher and conversion for the ad partner. These are the special times when everyone is quite happy especially towards Q4 closing. Yeehaw! CPM based deals, Revenue Shares, CPI – all have their own channels or publisher networks where they work best, and look forward to that topic in a later blog.

Earn More Ad Revenue Today

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