Guest Blog: Communicating Across Borders

Communicating Across Borders

We’d like to introduce Guest Blogger, Jeffrey Minches. Our American friend has moved to Vancouver and shares his thoughts about his new home and networking across borders.

Guest Blogger Jeffrey Minches

As an American living in British Columbia (B.C.) as a permanent resident, I’m often asked, “Why did you move to Canada?”

In the last decade I decided it was time to move out of the United States; so 23 months ago with my landed immigrant visa in hand, I packed my belongings, my laptop and boarded a one way flight to Vancouver — a city I fell in love with after visiting for only 36 hours.

Vancouver is a beautiful city with a great climate. Who can’t stare for hours at those green and sometimes snow-capped mountains that seem to spring up from behind the water’s edge?

I also wanted to experience a new set of challenges. I believe that I have the skills, knowledge and education to break into the job market in B.C. and ultimately felt that Canada is the right place for me to live.

The past 23 months have certainly been adventurous. I’ve worked driving a van, house-painting, teaching ESL, serving as a poll clerk in the last provincial election, freelance writing and working at one of the 2010 Olympic venues this past winter. I’ve also played softball and some soccer along with many walkabouts exploring my new home.

With only one more year before I can apply for citizenship, I’m practically counting down the months. I also look back and realize I’ve met and worked with some interesting, dynamic and creative people in Vancouver.

One thing remains the same, no matter what side of the border I’m on. My connection with colleagues and friends continues to grow through social media, attending events, professional meet-ups and volunteering my time.

And it’s through these interactions on different social media outlets with people who have since become my friends; I’ve witnessed the power of communication and its far-reaching ties that transcend proximity and distance.

Just call me the American in the prime minister’s court.

Jeffrey Minches