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How marketing can make your business shine online

How the right marketing can make your business shine online

We’d like to introduce Guest Blogger, David Coyne, a copywriter and marketing consultant who specializes in the high-tech sector.

David Coyne

Like email marketing evolved in the late 1990s, social media has exploded in popularity among marketers. Online video is now commonplace. And mobile marketing is escalating in popularity so quickly that companies are scrambling to ensure their marcom is mobile friendly.

Your marcom efforts can be divided into two segments:

Pull marketing (inbound marketing). Potential customers find your product or service at their choosing. Communication channels for this type of marketing include: search engines, online forums, blogs and social media.

Push marketing (outbound marketing). You directly contact potential customers at the time of your choosing to promote  — or push — your product or service to their attention. Communication channels include: email bulletins, sales letters and catalogues.

But how do you know which of these marketing channels to focus on? There are a variety of factors that influence this decision, including demographics, firmographics, purchase history and customer lifecycle.

All of these aspects will come into play at some point, depending on the markets you serve. But one dynamic that doesn’t get as much attention as it should is the lifecycle of your company.

If your business is in the startup stage, getting customers is an urgent activity. You can’t pay your bills or employees for long without customers. Because of its expediency, push marketing is a focal point at this stage because you may not be able to get enough customers with pull marketing to sustain your business in the short term.

This doesn’t mean you ignore implementing pull marketing during this phase, but you need to get customers relatively quickly. SEO may take awhile before traffic increases. And direct selling is frowned upon in social media; its focus is relationship building and customer engagement.

Here are three tips to make your startup marketing plan stand out:

1) Don’t wait until after your company opens its door to start marketing. Make sure you have your website, marketing collateral and advertising finalized and ready to go so your messaging will be consistent across channels.

2) Ask yourself, “Can I generate enough customers in the short term by using pull marketing alone?” If not, what push channels would be most appropriate for your target audience?

3) How will you measure the success of your marketing communications? If you can’t measure the response, how will you know if you’re getting the most out of your marketing dollars?

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