How not to be a Windbag: 5 tips to be an awesome social networker

How not to be a  windbag: 5 tips to be an awesome social networker

Windbags. We all  know them and tune them out. Just like when we talk to people at the office, a  good conversation is based on an exchange of ideas. It’s called a dialogue.

Seriously, who wants to be lectured to all day?

Here’s the secret all awesome social networkers share. They don’t broadcast an ongoing litany of promotional posts and tweets 24/7. They take an interest in the people who follow or fan them and join in conversations.

If you want to get people interested in what you have to say, you should be interested in them and eager to get into the conversation.

Check out my top five tips to help you communicate with your target audience on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.


Find out what your audience is interested in, drop by their page and leave a post or comment. Not only will you show you’re interested in their page, you can learn about how they communicate. We’ve learned a lot about other business we’re connected with on social media sites just from the content and frequency and placement of key information and posts.


It’s a good idea to communicate your ideas clearly. Find your voice and make it a natural extension of your online business communications. Make sure your messaging and tone are consistent with your brand. A conservative industry will have a more formal approach to engaging people online. A more liberal business comes across more informal and casual.


Find out what your audience is talking about to help solve their problems. Find out what other companies in your industry are doing online and then do it better. Share up to date industry news, tips and suggestions. Become a resource that they just have to tap into.


People are social and curious; use this to your advantage. Broadcast the same automated message to your social media sites and people will lose interest. Use unique content, latest news and positive reinforcement to show you are listening.


The more conversations and activity on your Facebook or Twitter pages, the more history of engagement you’re building with peers and followers.  Identify and connect with like-minded people because they like to hang out where there is activity and a hub, and search engines now take this activity into account.

Your social media presence is more than a place to broadcast one way messages like an annoying windbag. Be a charming conversationalist and you’ll enjoy deeper relationships with your online community. And Google prefers conversationalists over windbags too.

It pays to be social and be an active member of an online community. And that’s how we like to roll. Want to get talking? Meet Ingrid and I online.

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