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Migrate more traffic to your website with SEO

Migrate more traffic to your site with SEO

In earlier posts, we talked about the benefits of using social networking sites to effectively market your business and the entry level steps to get noticed online.

With all the acronyms like SEO, PPC, SMM, DM and the deluge of new Internet marketing tools on the market, it can be confusing and hard to decide which direction is best for your business or organization. Or which strategy will connect with your target audience.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the majority of purchases start with an online search. That’s why SEO is the foundational Internet marketing tool that brings people to your site ahead of the competition.

5 places to start with SEO: Or all the places you can slip keywords into your site

  1. Choose an easy-to-remember domain name that contains keywords that people will use to look for your product or services.
  2. Drop a keyword or two into the Title tag of your web pages.
  3. Include a Heading at top of the page with keywords.
  4. Pepper your first paragraph with keywords as search engines use a top-down approach to page content.
  5. Insert keywords into hyperlinks.

Since major search engines use different methods to generate results, your SEO plan should also be optimized in different ways. Other factors also need to be considered for the best SEO plan, so it’s best to use SEO-ranking software to manage and update your pages.

One final point is that people read your website as well as search engines. So keep your content fresh and interesting and drop in keywords in a natural, organic way that doesn’t feel forced. You’ll win bonus points from potential customers.

Content is king and keywords are critical. A successful SEO strategy should be teamed with a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign to make your site most visible to search engines.

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