Monetization Partner Management in Display Advertising

Monetization Partner Management in Display Advertising

After all the inventory has been set up and ready to be sold there’s many ways to maximize your precious ad space. As mentioned in my previous video blog vblog “Know Thy Display Inventory” , you should have a good idea of the value of your ad space (inventory). Things like market rates based on similar publishers (verticals, industry) and global location, or aka “Geo’s”. Your options probably are now either Direct buys, monetization partner or both and more (traffic partnership).. It’s best for CEO’s or Heads (UK) to have a revenue strategy at the beginning of conversation… makes it easier for the Sales team and Ad Ops to do their jobs. Anyway, let’s get into the water here.

Creating Demand

In the past creating demand for advertising space was the Sales teams sole purpose. Sure there was Adsense, Tribal Fusion and Context Web, but really not a lot of options. We would call what the sales team did “prospecting” or business development type of activities, same thing an affiliate manager would do – but other side of the fence.

Now, (in addition to Sales team directly) there’s a global and complex advertising marketplace out that can be confusing and more complex than 10 years ago, – so let’s make it a simple as possible. Creating and maintaining demand and quality traffic takes ongoing management. Sometimes one ad partner will not work out and its’ time to move on and that will happen… but the better long term partners will work with you to find the sweet spot where fill, revenue and ad quality all work together and are sustainable throughout the fiscal quarters.

There are many different ways to monetize ad inventory like Demand Side Platforms (DSP), Ad Exchanges, Ad Networks and even the Server Side Platform (SSP) and last but not least – direct with a Sales Team.

Ad Network

Ad Networks consolidate inventory from many publishers like a middleman between the advertisers and publishers.
Some examples in no particular order are: Matomy, Marimedia, unanimous, Q1media, Ybrandt.

Ad Exchange

An Ad Exchange is like a stock exchange but with more transparency than an Ad Network.
Some examples in no particular order are: Appnexus, MediaMath, Fox Networks, Creafi, Tradedoubler, turn, Google, Right Media (Yahoo), Appnexus, Just Premium.

Supply Side Platform (SSP)

This option never existed 2 years ago and is worth a mention here.. The SSP or Ad Tech peeps decided to drop this option right into the inventory management to enable “unsold” inventory to be filled. I have first hand experience with Openx X Enterprise (OpenX RTB), and then there’s same thing for Google RTB, basically inventory drops in at the remnant level to their built in (embedded) demand funnel, if the impression not filled by other higher paying ad partners.

Ad Partners Want First Look

Regardless of what type of ad partner you’ll be working with, they all want to be the first to have the opportunity to look at your best inventory at the lowest price that makes sense to them. They also want more traffic, but the publisher advantage still lies with “arbitrage”…. or in the ability to take on partners (with the exact same ads) who can get a higher CPM for the same white label ad exchange |(ex. Appnexus) they’re using (there’s not a lot of options)- than another ad partner… and the display advertising ecosystem is full of variety – and everyone is related.

Now that you’re excited at the endless possibilities .. go get them.

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