Cultivate your social media presence

Cultivate your social media presence in five steps

Cultivate your media presence in five steps

A social media strategy needs five initial things to succeed.

Hoewel het positief om een ​​social media aanwezig, je nodig hebt om het actief of mensen kunnen het verkeerde idee te krijgen dat je niet vooruit. Immers, no one wants to read a day-old newspaper or find out about a great deal that expired last week.

Show a consistent commitment to social media sites, and you’ll offer key touch points for your customers and encourage interaction. Simply put, engaging with people is how you can attract new and current customers.

Successful site management and relevant content are tipping points to success. When people feel compelled to contribute and engage on the sites that are current and updated, they become your brand ambassadors, and spread the word online.

Before any social media campaign is created, a business must follow these five steps:

  1. Determine what your campaign goals are and what you want to achieve.
  2. Target your target audience. Get to know who you’re trying to reach.
  3. Create an engagement strategy, i.e. How will you speak to your ideal client?
  4. Promote your business with consistent messaging and communications. Ask yourself why your company is better or different than your competitors business.
  5. Develop a media plan and schedule online press releases to promote events and promotions, as well as updates “as they happen.”

How SEO and Social Media work together:

Social media sites are now ranked on search engine listings. Create consistent SEO content in all communications to engage people, enhance brand credibility and supplement other traffic sources, like paid advertising (Good Adwords and PPC).

When you maintain activity on your site, you’ll add relevancy to search ranking and connect with potential customers.

We have the experience to create a custom social media strategy that uses the right sites for you, prospect for a followers base, engage and contribute content, and develop promotions to attract and keep customers on your site.

Talk to us and cultivate a thriving online presence.