Twitter, Tweets and connecting with customers

Bekentenissen van een Sociaal Medialcoholic: hoe Twitter veranderde gesprek

Blogger: Ingrid de Jong
Blogger: Ingrid Joffe

Bekentenissen van een Sociaal Medialcoholic: hoe Twitter veranderde gesprek

Hallo. My name is Ingrid, (insert pause) and I am a social medialcoholic.

The moment of realization:
I was catching up with an old friend by phone. Naturally, I was multi-tasking and had my laptop in front of me. This is a snippet of the conversation.

Him: “So there I was at Starbucks, the only one with a pen and pad of paper. Everyone else had a cellphone or laptop… hey do I hear tapping?"
Me: “Huh?"
Him: “Tapping. I hear tapping. Wait, it stopped.”
Me: “I don’t hear anything.”
Him: “It started again. Is that YOU?"
Me: Tap, tap. “Um, maybe.” Tap, tap.
Him: “What are you doing?"
Me: “Er, Tweeting.”

I couldn’t stop myself. My Tweeps (Twitter followers) were counting on me. I’ve always been a social butterfly and now that Twitter is being used by so many people, from teens, moms-at-home to businesses small and large, and even pets, it’s opened a much wider world.

Him: “I don’t believe it. Do I have to talk in 140 character sentences now?"
Me: “Could you? That would be great!"

An uncomfortable silence followed.

Since that phone call, I realize that Twitter has changed the way we communicate. When we talk to each other in person, we also use body language to get our message across. Using cell phones we can either talk, text or email each other.

With Twitter, we’ve adjusted our communication styles once more. When my friend asked me what Twitter is good for, this is what I told him:

1. Twitter lets businesses connect with customers in real time two-way conversations. It lets them offer a new level of customer service and respond immediately to people.

2. Twitter is great for promotions and letting businesses track ROI. Twitter followers can tweet to receive discounts and deals and businesses can see how often these deals are being used.

3. Twitter is all about sharing. You can connect with other people who have the same interests and share useful tips and links to articles and blogs.

4. Twitter makes us more concise. We type with one eye on the counter and get to the point.

5. Twitter and other social media sites break down barriers and let people in their community share knowledge. This transparency is the new way to do business.

What’s not to love? Ok, the only downside to Twitter is that it can be addictive. It’s the last thing I check at night and often the first thing I’ll do in the morning.

I admit I have an endless curiosity about social media, online marketing, blogging and the world at large. And Twitter supplies little “fixes” throughout the day. But I don’t see myself as a social medialcoholic; I’m more of a social media butterfly. And that’s not a bad thing.

Ready for your Tweeps? Let’s talk Twitter.