The Space Around The Content

The Evolution of Online Advertising

Online advertising is the space around the content. After a number of years and since the crash of 2008, there’s been a lot of talk about the increase in online advertising and ad spend (media buying on the web) compared to traditional places like, TV, radio or the newspaper. I can tell you that since being involved in online advertising starting in Canada in 2006, through to London, United Kingdom 2008 and now in Amsterdam since 2012, it’s just growing and getting more sophisticated in its capabilities.

The Publisher Perspective

The publisher has ad space (display advertising) to sell and wants to get the best rates. In the old days (2006) they would have only a sales team connecting to media buyers and agencies to get a set amount of impressions sold on a website. There was a lot of chin wags and very important meetings and more chinwags… G-d bless them… unlike many other people involved in ad ops I actually got along more with the sales people and account managers than the techie types… anyway. After the ad space was sold it was up to the advertising operations department (Ad Ops) to make sure the money spent on the site was maximized in the right place and the right time for the booked number of impressions (CPM). If it went well – then ad partners would spend more money. And that was a very good thing… it builds the momentum and attracts more advertisers and advertising revenue and, of course more chin wagging.

Present Day

Now you don’t even need a phone call, you can just drop all your ad space (inventory) into an ad exchange where countless bidders from around the world (hopefully vetted) can bid on your inventory. The highest bidder gets the first “crack” as we say at “eyeballs” (old school) or “first look” impressions – which is the most valuable impression a publisher can give – so it’s the highest value or CPM.. if on a CPM buying mode.

Buy Side Advantage

The problem is that so much control and technology has gone into the “Buy” side that publishers are having a hard time keeping up the value of their inventory. By nature it devalues as soon as it’s entered into an ad exchange and on the open market. Pure premium publishers that offer their inventory for a premium and can afford to do so are few.

Commercially Minded Ad Ops Leader

Predominantly, most publishers have an extensive or complicated ad stack of multiple ad partners competing for that first impression – and that’s where a good ad ops team can make a difference. Preferably, with an server side platform (SSP – a place to manage all your valuable ad space, known as inventory) that allows the unsold inventory to drop into an RTB or demand channel that’s built into the ad server… and Adsense always comes last since its lowest in the ad stack.

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Online Advertising is the space around the content”Marc Joffe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Feb 2015