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Local search marketing tools

When people want to find your business, they’ll look for you online. And Google is the first place they’ll look. You need every local search marketing tool available to stand out and compete against the millions of other sites vying for business.

Whether you want to attract people from around the world (ex. English tourists) — or around the corner (in your Buurt) — we can help them find you, learn more about you and bring you more business.

Go places with Google

With your website search engine optimized (SEO) for Google, it will rank higher on online search results. People comparison shop and a good website is just one of the tools to promote your business. We’ll constantly tweak your website to grow your online presence. As an authentic expert in your business with a fresh site, you’ll stay in Google’s good books and a Google+ Local listing will help make your site more visible to customers close to home.

Want more local traffic?

We’ll create a local Google+ Local listing (previously called “Google Places”) that can make your business stand out to people in your neighbourhood. It can even be more visible than your competitors’ regular Google search results.

A Google+ Local listing will show people where your business is located on a map, highlight your local business, display images of your products, show videos and testimonials from your customers.

Here’s how it works: Take Fern the Florist. For years, she’s built her business in Vancouver to local customers and through word-of-mouth. Her website is search engine optimized and she gets online orders from people across the country and from Amsterdam too.

But local business has slowed down now that a new florist moved in across the street. Fern gets an optimized Google+ Local business listing in addition to her website.

Now when an eloping bride-to-be is looking for a florist in her area, she can Google “florists in Vancouver” and Fern’s shop will appear at the top of Google’s page with a bright red balloon that points her store out on a map. As the eager groom drives, his bride-to-be can find out how late Fern is open, click on a coupon as she calls Fern to place her order and save money on her bridal bouquet.

“We have the right local search marketing tools and expertise to help you grow your business online. From optimizing your site to creating and maintaining a Google+ Local listing, we’ll make your business more visible and improve your global and local search marketing results.” Marc Joffe, Amsterdam – March 2015

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