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What’s an Ad Blocker?

What is an Ad Blocker?

(Talent talk!)

I’ve never used an ad blocker before until preparing for this talk. Probably because I knew that ad revenue was paying for the page’s content and I’ve worked in display advertising for a while. But I tried it and the web loads faster. Pages load faster. It’s like cheating. I paid $10 US for ad blocker extension for Chrome, even though payment is voluntary.

What is an Ad Blocking?

Ad block plugins act like a firewall between the web browser and all known ad servers. Most ads are blocked, especially rich media ads. Open Source Community started it and the database of blocked ad servers is curated by a large and active open source community. Once installed, these plugins automatically block ads on all websites and are effective against nearly all ad formats.”

Ad Blocking: Quick Facts

      • There are about 144 million active ad block users around the world.
      • Adblock usage grew by nearly 70% between June 2013 – June 2014. Mainstream?
      • Growth is driven by Google Chrome (86 million of 150 MM), on which adblock penetration nearly doubled between June 2013 – June 2014.
      • Adblock usage varies by country. In some countries nearly one quarter of the online population has it installed. Chrome then Firefox are most used browsers with ad blocking.
      (Poland, Sweden, Denmark and Greece are the highest users of Ad Block)
      • Adblock usage is driven by young internet users. 41% of 18-29 year olds polled said they use adblock.
      • Adblock usage is higher with males, but female usage is still very significant.
      • A majority of adblockers expressed some willingness to receive less intrusive ad formats (however they strongly rejected intrusive ad formats such as interstitials and popovers).
      • Some people say “They let me browse YouTube faster.” Nick says “Screw the publisher”

Why Use an Ad Blocker?

You don’t want to see any ads? It stops all ads. It’s adjustable and can turn on or off. It’s for smartphones and all major browsers and stops even YouTube pre-roll ads. Basically, ad blockers stop ads that are not static….so no animation, no video, no 1×1. It definitely stops all rich media ads from even being loaded. (ex. Just Premium) . The result is that pages load quicker and less crashes.

They sell it as completely private … it’s’ not completely… and I’ll talk about that in a bit with Anti Adblock scripts. But companies can apply to be on a whitelist like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have, and the payment isn’t known, somebody said it may be 30% of their ad revenue.

How does it affect Online Advertising Industry?

The ads pay for the content so there is a direct relationship between the quality of the Pubs content- and the ad revenue earned. Something to think about…

Most of our pubs would not exist in their current form, or maybe not at all, if they can’t generate enough revenue through advertisements.

The cost of content creation is expensive and is affected when there is less ad revenue earned. It’s estimated in the US that…

• US Publishers lose 10% of ad revenue due to ad blockers

The ad blocker community position

The Adblocker community position is that it’s’ the pub responsibility to show relevant ads all the time. The responsibility is passed to pubs which is another cost associated with it and in effect affecting their bottom line. Their position is that online media publishers should change – not the consumer” to make the web friendly and encourage better ads, more relevant and less obtrusive ads.

The ad blocker guys recommend some ways to keep the ad dollars flowing.

      1. Right message: use 1st and 2nd party data – not 3rd party ads. lol
      2. Retargeting – real-time marketing what they’re shown an interest in already
      3. Native Advertising – consumers look at these ads, & they aren’t called by an ad server

But in reality that is academic (not realistic) and a position by really smart people but not so easy to change – not a reality. Current Publisher business models are revenue generating models – don’t support it. It’s like a “fairy tale.

How are the big publishers responding?

  • Big publishers are responding to adblock users
  • The free vs paid model. Ouch. You may have to pay for more content, that was free before
  • Ex Weer.nl in Netherlands and The Guardian in the UK, both show a message to ad blockers informing them that ads fund their journalists and steering them towards membership page. (50 Pound’s for Guardian a year.)
  • Google has come up with an ad free subscription based YouTube. “YouTube Red “Ad free YouTube for a fee. ($9.99/ monthly) To help fellow content producers keep earning

Who are the main Ad blockers?

They come for all major browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

  1. Ad Block Plus (since 2006) : Biggest player. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari: https://adblockplus.org/en/internet-explorer (1 min, video presentation) FREE For IE (*I have this one for IE)
  2. Ad Block for Chrome: Only for CHROME
    (I have this one for Chrome)) https://getadblock.com/
    (30 sec video with Chinese kid) Pay what you want: $10 starting
  3. uBlock: https://www.ublock.org/ Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera. An Open Source Ad Blocker.
  4. Purify (Apple) : https://www.purify-app.com/. The simplest fastest ad blocker for iOS. Available in the App Store. Yes, You can ad block ad in apps too.

What is an anti-ad blocker?

It’s basically a script or anti adblock script on a pub’s website that identifies you as using an ad blocker. If you don’t want to be identified then you can install so that you don’t see the ad blocking text and pubs can’t tell you’re using an ad blocker.

  • “HideMy Ad Blocker” for Chrome (http://hidemyadblocker.com/ )
  • “NoScript”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NoScript

Final Thoughts on Ad Blockers

As TrueX founder Joe Marchese from Fox Media Group, owned by 21st Century Fox said in the Wall Street Journal last week (Nov 25, 2015),

“Think about a world where everyone already has an ad blocker installed by default, then what would make them turn it off and we’re in the right direction”

From a maker of AD Block Fast..

“If you gave people an easy way to block ads on TV and radio, they would block ads there too.”

And in the meantime… you may have an Ad Blocker installed, but please consider turning it off for your favorite websites, they rely on the ad revenue to create great content!

Thanks for your time, At this point are there any questions?

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Need the advantage of an publisher manager, international account manager or ad partner manager? My name is Marc Joffe and I can help manage your display inventory or create new demand for your advertising space. As a Publisher Advocate that’s what I love to do. I work from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and make a great Dutch “toastie.” @adopsonline. I vlog about display, seo and marketing. Subscribe to my new youTube channel

Qualify New Ad Partners: Top 5 Questions

Publisher Series: Top 5 Questions to Qualify New Advertising Partners in 2015

(In 5 minutes or less)

In this short video Marc Joffe explains how in 5 minutes (or 5 lines in an email), quickly qualify new ad partners and bring in new sources of ad revenue. Whether you’re involved in the Display Advertising industry in Amsterdam, The Netherlands or globally, qualifying demand for new display advertising partnerships can be an easy process for both parties. If you follow these 5 questions, as a publisher you’ll immediately get the answers you need, and off to a fabulous business relationship. Qualified right at the start!

These are the typical business development questions that need to be answered first. Ask these key questions either on first contact by email or phone.

Qualify New Advertising Ad Partners: Top 5 Questions

  1. What are the CPM rates we can expect that other similar publishers are getting?
  2. What type of volumes can you fill on a daily basis.
  3. If they’re not 100% fill partner, then do they accept passbacks (defaults)?
  4. What geo’s do you have demand for now and in the future?
  5. What are the payment terms? (ex. Net 30,60,90)
  6. Do we have login access? (Reconcile, match delivery)

It’s traditionally the sales team job to sell but increasingly commercially minded ad ops people are creating new demand and plugging in RTB sources. Make sure they have they have the answers to these questions too and you’ll have a lucrative relationship with ad partners.

Earn More Ad Revenue Today

Digital Marketing INSIDER video blog

Need the advantage of an ad ops team leader or ad partner manager? My name is Marc Joffe and I can help manage your display inventory or create new demand for your advertising space. As a Publisher Advocate that’s what I love to do. I work from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and make a great Dutch “toastie.” @adopsonline. I vlog about display, seo and marketing. Subscribe to my new youTube channel

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