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Programmatic Trading from a Publishers Perspective

Programmatic Trading Amsterdam

As an online publisher advocate and from a Publisher perspective, I read the IAB Europe White Paper on “Programmatic Trading an IAB Europe White Paper” released in July 2014.

There was a section (Page 5) on the rate of adoption of programmatic trading in Amsterdam, Netherlands and also Europe. The paper mentioning The Netherlands, the outstanding “working cooperation between buyers and sellers”… really seems to me this success is rooted in the Dutch culture and Dutch society.

Programmatic Trading: A Dutch cultural Advantage

Generally, Dutch are very cooperative people who all eat together at the larger companies and take endless meetings and get to a consensus — very opposite than the culture of North America and largely quick decision making and time to market considerations. I’m not making a comparison of which is better – just that this cultural difference exists. Living here in Amsterdam since December 2012 and just over 2 years (My Dutch word “binnenland”) now and additionally partnering with some of the (what was then in 2012) up and coming programmatic rich media players and plugged into other EU RTB networks, that the cooperation between these two sides of the fence was a win-win. Most definitely. And with the recent announcement of “Pangaea”the Guardians publishers alliance of combining their programmatic inventory – EU publishers are creating co ops faster than US counterparts.

Programmatic Rich Media, High Impact Formats

Even with RTB, the majority of the rich media placements may only run on a 1×1 and as such have a limitation on the targeting abilities and more importantly the ability to pass back to a paying impression if there’s no guaranteed agreement in place – which really isn’t what RTB (“a subset of programmatic”)is about anyway – or is it? Convenient to describe it in academic or marketing swag terms, but when you get down into the guts and dirty day to day ad operations it still takes daily managing. Yes, RTB once it’s plugged in takes ad ops team to continually look at the real revenue, placement in ad stack, troublesome creatives, blocking domains and daily fill rates – but your RTB ad partner may still ask for an approximate daily volumes. Really, once a floor price is determined – it’s if it’s lucrative and a good partnership then it’s all worth it. An example of a rich media vendor and rich media exchange here in Amsterdam, The Netherlands would be Just Premium.

Find The Floor Rate – Then RTB Programmatic Help Publishers Earn

Even with RTB demand its’ best to go slowly… although its great to open inventory up to new demand sources (even across the pond here in Amsterdam) there’s still the business of fill rate and find the right price for the RTB inventory. Some of the higher paying programmatic partners may not fill a large percentage of inventory – and to high traffic publishers that’s a lot of unfilled/unpaid/ unmonetized impressions sent back (with passbacks hopefully).. which leads to other considerations like latency and other uniquely Publisher problems. Some programmatic selling models are: Private Marketplace for premium ad content and select advertisers; Open Marketplace for open bidding to all advertisers; and Fixed Rates negotiated fixed rate or look at ad stack. To make the most out of the inventory its’ possible to have all programmatic types running consecutively.

As I mentioned in my previous post “Strategic partner management in display advertising”. Negotiate and keep the relationships close… If there’s more demand coming down the pipe – then you can always consider adjustments to give an ad partner priority during the slow months – or even in the better fiscal quarters.

Basically, whoever has the most money behind it acquires the early adopters and these new opportunities and ad partners can bring more display ad revenue. That is good business.

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