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Web Traffic Quality 2016: A Mid Tier Wake Up Call

Display Traffic Quality 2016: BOT BE GONE

(Sell-Side – Publisher talk!)

My name is Marc Joffe ( “Maverick Marc”) and you may remember me from such videos as: How to Qualify Ad Partners in 5 minutes“; “What’s’ An Ad Blocker?” and Monetization is Display Advertising“. This blog is about “Traffic Quality for Publishers: Top 5 Considerations” This is vlog is part of an ongoing series of informal talk about display advertising from and insiders perspective. Let’s get to it.

Arbitrage is an obsolete Business Model

2016 is the year that Non Human traffic (NHT) and bot traffic came to an end. Well not really, but the days of spending money on non human traffic is coming to an end. The tools and sophistication of tech and processes in Display Advertising, has made it an unprofitable business model. Demand side, supply side, exchanges and the ad partners along the supply-demand chain, have traffic quality tools and teams to make sure that there is a transparency in the online advertising ecosystem.

Demand Gone bye bye

I would propose to all publishers to carefully consider changes in your traffic sources and volumes and monitor your traffic quality – as if you’ like to continue earning ad dollars. I’ve seen first hand the changes in demand dollars being shifted to sites with better quality traffic.

High traffic sites aren’t the only priority for demand sources. Traffic Quality teams are like a separate entity within that cannot be manipulated. They’re not based on relationships – but hard evidence. The percentage of Bot traffic during a time period. And based on this data, publishers, specifically mid tiers are removed from demand sources as well removed from major exchanges in the US, UK and Europe.

Considerations for Publishers Traffic Acquisition Strategies

  1. Arbitrage Revenue Based Model – forget it. It’s not sustainable for much longer. Get out.
  2. Stricter Standards: Demand Side: Ad dollar All of us are now focused on traffic quality when qualifying new ad partners and we have the tools to do that immediately.. and no we aren’t sharing that info with everyone.
  3. OpenX / Spot X. if you’re blacklisted from OpenX you can forget about generating any demand from the US. And If you are blacklisted from SpotX, you can forget about EU ad dollars.
  4. Non Human Traffic (NHT). If the traffic is too cheap then it’s NHT. Beware.
  5. Reputation of your website. It’s a small but global ecosystem. Don’t get blacklisted.
  6. (Bonus) Mid Tier networks: very susceptible to a lost revenue source. The demand side is requiring the best inventory.

Entertainment Vertical is Dead

Some verticals are more susceptible to NHT and bot traffic like Entertainment based sites. For traffic quality teams, and business development teams, and when I prospect for new partners, red flags go off now when onboarding a new publisher in the Entertainment vertical. We watch all traffic closely, but especially the Entertainment vertical. It’s time for a wakeup call… ring.. ring.. “Publishers, get your traffic quality in line with global standards and keep earning ad revenue – or go back to SEO.”

Thanks for reading. suggestions?

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Need the advantage of an advertising consultant and business development manager, with a speciality in Display or Mobile Advertising? My name is Marc Joffe and I can help manage your display inventory or create new demand for your advertising space. As a Publisher Advocate that’s what I love to do. I work from Vancouver, Canada and still make a great Dutch “toastie.” @adopsonline. I vlog about display, seo and marketing. Subscribe to my new ad supported youTube channel

Malware Prevention in Display Advertising

Malware Prevention in Display Advertising

With billions of monthly impressions to manage and a complicated ad stack and advertisers priorities… eventually it becomes too much for the traffic team or ad ops to monitor adware/malware – so an option is to hire a partner company that monitors ad tags and send alerts when something suspicious shows up on the website. When you have a high traffic website you need to make sure that the advertisements are appropriate for the traffic or users. This is good for conversion. One “bad actor” or ad can send a user permanently away from your site – and in addition can affect other advertisers brand safety, so a adware partner is important to have when you have a high traffic website.

First Line of Defense: Create a Blocklist

The first way most growing online publishers use to block malware is to create a blocklist. This is like fighting fires all day, and leaves less time for your ad ops team to fulfill new orders or contribute to ad earning revenue activities. You can do this at the ad server level, at the partner level, in the DSP configuration etc… There are many ways to manage advertisements… Block Lists by industry (Tobacco, Adult, gambling), by type of ad (ex. Flashy ads) and by domain. Basically there’s many ways to block advertisers from your websites but somehow adware, malware and piggybacking ads still manage to get through. Malware ads in display advertising are called “Bad actors”. The first way to manage this is to ads (aka creatives) in a test development before going live – but as most of us know time and immediacy don’t allow this sometimes on a friday afternoon with put it up and monitor sales person asking if its up yet … so you may just put it up anyway and go to the pub. Bad idea. Better to have an Ad Tech solution for malware prevention.

Malware Monitoring Partner – A Media Scanner for ad tags

An Ad Tech solution. Malware scanner for ad tags is software that 24/7 monitors and searches for suspicious ads running on your network and then send an alert when it’s located – so your ad ops team can investigate. Take a look at the “Tearsheet” will become a common phrase for your ad ops team… which means to go through the ad call chain and locate the source of the suspicious ad. As mentioned in my other video blog about “Display advertising inventory management “there can be 100’s of ad calls so locating the correct ad partner can be difficult. The malware prevention companies specialize in this and your ad ops team can reach out to the correct ad partner right away and alert them to block the offending ad. And your back in business earning sweet ad revenue.. I’ve seen first hand and how to best manage. It works well when a system is implemented. It’s a report that shows all the ad calls leading up to a displayed impression and looks for indicators of suspicious activity in the ad code and display.

Commercially Minded Ad Ops leader

How to best qualify the best Ad Tech solution to prevent malware for your company and maintain ad partnerships is important to get right – before you take on that new ad partner. You may risk losing existing revenue generating ad partners when bringing on untested new ad partners with promises of additional revenue.. especially without a malware prevention plan. This is where a commercially minded ad ops leader can help manage this best.

Earn More Ad Revenue Today

Digital Marketing INSIDER video blog

Need the advantage of an ad ops team leader or ad partner manager? My name is Marc Joffe and I can help manage your display inventory or create new demand for your advertising space. As a Publisher Advocate that’s what I love to do. I work from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and make a great Dutch “toastie.” @adopsonline. I vlog about display, seo and marketing. Subscribe to my new youTube channel

Online Advertising is the space around the content”Marc Joffe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Feb 2015